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'Casa Bonita & Hola Bonita to me are love, respect, gratitude, compassion, family and all the strong values that my Andes heritage taught me in their very humble ways. This is my way to give back and pass on my traditions to my daughters and future generations.

Although we are so far away from our roots, small decisions can create great impact to families in Colombia!'

Liliana Bravo

Andes Folklore/ Colours/ Boho Style Fanatic!

Founder & Director


Casa Bonita Lifestyle

· We create opportunities for YOU to impact artisans’ families!
· We are a socially conscious business that empowers woman and communities in Colombia
· We aspire to promote the positive Colombian culture and to move away from the cruel 1980’s
· We want to give back to our heritage by opening new markets internationally to improve their living conditions!
You will be immersed in a cultural trip to Colombia where you will meet our artisan partners from all around Colombia
We bring sustainable, eco-friendly, cruelty free homewares and fashion good for our earth and heart!
We promote our Colombian culture by sharing history and real facts about our indigenous and ancestral heritage. We also, sadly, create awareness about the current vulnerable conditions of some communities and indigenous people.
We respect our Pachamama, our indigenous traditions and their ethnicity.
We work together with our artisan partners to preserve our HERITAGE for future generations
We respect and acknowledge the work involved on all our handicrafts and the effort that our artisans put in running their family businesses.
If you want to take a step further empowering women and communities ethically there are many ways to do so! Hosting a little gathering with friends or a Pop-Up display at your workplace, so please get in touch!
'Work is a blessing' that is what our ancestors taught us in Colombia. Now we have the chance to create work for vulnerable communities so they can make a descent living, 
Our incredible handwoven rings are the symbol of our artisans TALENT, STRENGTH and HARD WORK. #empower_ring_forfinancialfreedom
Casa Bonita is love, family, give back to our heritage, and a way to teach our kids that work is fun and rewarding, and that small decisions can change the world!
TOGETHER WE CAN create permanent change for our artisans!
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